Setting up my bike

How is my bike delivered?

All our bikes will come to you boxed up safely, with the front wheel, handle bars, pedals and saddle removed. Setting it up requires no prior mechanical knowledge. All instructions can be found in the manual, downloadable at the bottom of the site.

How to set up your Aerobike eBike

Your electric bike will come to you as most electric bicycles are delivered. This means the wheel and handlebars will be attached to the side of the frame, with the saddle and pedals ready to be "popped" on. Here's a basic guide.

Remove the packaging that keeps the wheel on the side of the bike, then slot the wheel between the brakes. Bolt up the wheel, then slot on the covers over the bolts

Once you have locked the brakes back over, by moving the clasp over and into place, you'll need to connect the motor, to the battery. This is done by simply connecting the two arrows that point to one another, on the right hand side of the wheel.

To fit the handlebars, remove the four bolts on the stem, and put to one side. Then place the handlebars so the hole on the bars slot up to those on the frame, and tighten up with the bolts you have put to one side.

Pop on the saddle and adjust to your preference.

The pedals are marked "R" for right and "L" for left. These can be hand tightened into place, and will fully tighten upon pedalling. The right-hand pedal has a standard clockwise thread but the left-hand pedal has an opposite thread; turn anti-clockwise to tighten.

You're ready to go!

Maintenance, spares and repairs

What happens if the chain snaps?

If the worst does happen and your chain breaks, we suggest taking the bike to your local bike store. If it breaks during use, you can use a chain breaker as a temporary fix, but we'd always suggest seeking professional help.

What happens if my battery breaks?

We're confident that the battery can withstand a lot, but if the worst does happen, and you feel that it has broken within your warranty you can email us on You can also get in touch via social media, or call 0871 911 7024. We also stock spare batteries, for instances where the damage is not part of your guarantee/warranty.

Can I change the tyres?

If your tyres need to be changed, you should be able to.. The tyres originally supplied with your bike are 28" x 1 5/8" x 1 3/8" (700x35c) commuter tyres and are available through our website.

Can I change the SRAM Automatix system?

We strongly advise against changing the SRAM Automatix. It can be a complicated process, and could mean that your bike no longer functions to its original design.

Are there any firmware updates for the computer?

We're confident that whatever Aerobike product you buy, that you'll never have to update the computer. So in short, there's no fussy updates to do, just lots of road to explore.


Can I still ride the bike when the battery is dead?

That's the beauty of the the design. You can still pedal the bike as you would with a standard bike; whether the battery is dead or is turned off.

Will the bike move if I don't pedal?

All our eBikes are designed to feel as natural as possible, and use pedal assist technology to help you go further. So unlike some older, clunky takes on electric bikes, you do have to pedal. But from the moment you start pedalling, you get a helping hand.

What is the top speed of the X-Ride and X-Ride ST?

The X-Ride and X-Ride ST will help you up to 15mph, after that, it's up to you, and of course, physics! If you want to go faster, you just have to pedal more for a truly exhilarating experience.

Do I need motor insurance?

As you are riding a bike, you will not need motor insurance. You may wish to take out insurance against theft or damage, however you do not need any kind of legal cover to ride an Aerobike eBike. Other options include third party liability and cycling insurance, and are becoming more and more popular; especially amongst commuting cyclists. But as we have said, there is no insurance requirement by law.

Is my bike road legal?

100% yes. All Aerobike products simply adhere to the same rules and regulations of regular pushbikes.

Do I have to pay tax?

Here at Aerobike, we have designed our products so they are not liable for road tax. This makes it a very cost effective way to travel. A common misconception is that cyclists do not pay road tax. However, road tax was abolished in 1937 and replaced by Vehicle Excise Duty which is a tax on cars, not roads (roads are paid for through your council tax). The tax is based on engine size and emissions. Because a bike has neither, there is no tax.

Is it suitable for off-road or mountain biking?

We designed the X-Ride and X-Ride ST to be used on roads and would strongly advise against using them off road, or for any form of mountain biking.

Can I tow a trailer with the Aerobike?

Due to the possible high speeds of the bike, as well as ambiguity on UK and EU law with regards to trailers, we strongly advise against using them.

Can I fit a luggage carrier and/or a child seat?

You can indeed! Either a luggage carrier or a child seat can safely be fitted to an Aerobike eBike. It may be wise to consult your local bike shop for guidance and fitting.

Can I use my Aerobike abroad?

Yes. You can even use the existing charger as long as you use the correct travel adaptor. The charger is rated from 100-240V so should cover most voltage variations across Europe and many other parts of the world. However, ensure to research any local traffic and road laws in whichever country you are planning to visit.

What is the maximum weight I can be to ride it?

The combined weight of the rider, any luggage and the bike itself should not exceed 126kg. The bike weight is 17.3kg when the battery is attached.

Please note: we are aware of some confusion within the manual, and this will be edited upon the second re-draft.

Warranty and payment

How does the 14 day trial work?

We want you to be truly happy when you explore. So that's why we promise if you aren't 100% happy in the first 14 days, you can call us and send the bike back. As long as there is no damage, and the wear is within the usual 14 day life cycle, as you'd expect after a few rides, we will give a full refund. The bike must be sent back in all of its original packaging to be eligible for a full refund. Please call 0871 911 7024 to arrange a return if needed.

If I change any part of my bike, will the warranty still be valid?

In short, yes. Unfortunately, if your modification affects any part of the bike, this could potentially void any warranty.

Do you offer finance?

Unfortunately at this time, we don't offer any kind of finance package.

Do you have any special offers or discounts?

For the best deals on an Aerobike product, we suggest following us on social media and most importantly, make sure you stay in touch with our email newsletters.


How do I apply for Bike 2 Work?

Simply fill out the form on our electric bike cycle scheme page.

Are there any emissions?

All Aerobike electric bikes give off zero emissions. This makes them ideal for modern day life, and a great way to travel, safe in the knowledge that you aren't leaving a big carbon footprint.

Do I need to maintain the motor?

We have designed our motors to be generally maintenance free. We just advise that you keep it as clean as possible, making sure that dirt, grit and water is removed as much as possible.

What brakes can I put on my X-Ride or X-Ride ST?

Your bike comes fitted with Shimano Tektro Linear Pull brakes. Your local bike shop will be able to advise on what brakes are suitable should you wish to change them at any point. Due to the position of the motor and gears, disc brakes are not compatible.

Does the bike come with a bell?

It is a legal requirement for all new bikes to come with a bell, and we include one in each purchase of any Aerobike.

Where are the X-Ride and X-Ride ST made?

Both bikes are made in technological hubs of China, with a long standing history of developing pushbikes, and electric bikes, for many world renowned brands.

Where is the bike designed?

The bike has been designed in the UK, with input coming from factories abroad. The team behind Aerobike test all bikes themselves, and the ironing out of any niggles is a very personal and thorough process.

How do I charge the battery?

Simply take it off the frame, plug in the charger and plug that into the mains. After 3 hours, the battery is full and you are ready to go.

How far can I cycle on a full battery?

When the lithium-ion battery is full, you can cycle up to 30 miles.

How much maintenance does my Aerobike need?

This all depends on how often you ride, how far you ride and on what the road surface is like. But we have given this general guide on how often you should check and maintain parts of your bike:

Before you ride Every 400 miles Every 2000 miles Every 4000 miles
Make sure the battery is full, or suitably charged for your trip. Clean the frame and inspect for wear and tear. Inspect for wear and tear. Inspect for wear and tear.
Check the wheels run straight and smooth. Make sure all spokes remain tight. Clean the frame with wax to protect the finish. Check all bearings.
Check tyre pressure Check and clean the chain. Check both tyres for wear, cracks and rotting. Check wheels for any wear in the sidewalls, such as cracks.
Ensure all bolts are secure. Check all cables, cables housing and brakes for damage or corrosion.
Lubricate non electrical working parts (brakes and pedals). Check for any chain wear.
In the event the battery hasn't been used, it's worth charging it, to maintain battery life.

Cordless Mower


How do I use the mulching functionality?

This will vary depending on the length of your grass, and the desired effect you are looking to achieve. For the first mow, it is always advisable to cut on the highest setting. Be wary of cutting on the lowest settings as over mowing a lawn, or cutting it too short can have a detrimental effect on the health of your grass.


How large is the mower when in use?


How large is the mower when folded down?


How big is the grass box?

The grass box has a 50 litre capacity.

What maintenance do I need to do?

We suggest cleaning your mower regularly. If the battery is not being used for a long period of time (such as during winter), we recommend periodically charging to maintain full charging capacity. It is also better to keep the battery in a warmer environment (such as your house rather than the shed). Cold temperatures can negatively impact on the battery performance.

Inevitably, the blade will need replacing one day. However, due to the many variants of grass type, moisture levels and frequency of mowing, it is impossible to say when. Mower blades are designed to last for a very long time, so this blade replacements should only be needed once to twice in the life cycle of a mower.


My mower is not running for long enough, or it is hard to push.

The performance of the mower can be impacted by many different factors. These include, and are not limited to the length of the grass, the height of the blades, the amount of moisture in the grass and the ambient temperature.

Steps you can take to make your mower battery last longer include:

Use the mower on a higher setting in longer grass
Mow regularly to stop your grass from growing too long
Avoid mowing your grass in the morning as grass is often damp at this time of day
Avoid mowing your grass after rain, or during times of rain
Make sure to use the grass collection box when mowing your lawn
Do not mow your lawn in very low temperatures - this can impact on the performance of the battery.

My mower is vibrating/not running smoothly

In most cases, the problem can be fixed very simply, and quickly.

Steps you can take to make your include:

Fully charge the battery
Ensure that there is no grass jammed in the blade
Make sure the battery is properly connected
Double check that the key is installed correctly

If none of these steps work, then there may be a defective switch or the battery may need a service or replacement. Please contact us for further help.


How long does the battery charge last for?

During testing, we ran the Aerotek Cordless Lawnmower for 35 minutes, cutting an area of between 300-400m2. Under different conditions, such as grass length, or when the grass is wet, this may vary. The health of the battery, ambient temperature, grass length, grass moisture levels, the health and sharpness of the blade and the speed of walking when mowing can all impact on the distance you can mow, and how long you can mow for.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The 40V lithium ion battery can be fully charged in 2.5 hours.

How heavy is the battery?

The battery weighs 1.28kg.

Am I able to order a spare battery?

Yes, a spare battery can be purchased here for £79.99

I am having problems getting the battery in and out of the casing

Please make sure you are aligning the battery correctly, and that you have it the right way round. The Aerotek logo should face the front of the mower. To release the battery, press in the button at the back of the battery and pull out.

What is the key next to the battery for?

This is a safety feature. All you need to do is make sure the key is in place when you put in the battery. Without the key, the cordless lawn mower will not start.

How do I know if is fully charged?

The battery has built in indicator lights which will show when the battery is fully charged.

Can I get a spare charger?

Yes, a charger can be purchased here for £34.99

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