Reasons to Buy Aerobike

Our bike = your bike

We designed the bike, and only sell it ourselves, or via close friends. This means we've cut down on middlemen, and can offer a long lasting bike at a fair price. You might well find cheaper eBikes, but we'd bet our bottom dollar that they won't be as well designed, won't last as long and won't offer the same level of performance.

14 day trial

We want you to have the best cycling experience possible, so, if in 14 days you aren't happy, with your bike, you can call us to arrange collection, and we'll do the rest. As long as the bike is in good condition and in its original packaging when you return it, we'll give you a full refund.

Free delivery

No one likes paying delivery charges, so that's why, if you order an Aerobike of any kind, we'll absorb the cost of postage. Our couriers will get your bike to you as soon as possible, but if there are any delivery problems, we'll be here to help.

Delivered Safely

All our bikes will come to you boxed up safely, with the front wheel, handle bars, pedals and saddle removed. All instructions are included with the bike, and setting it up requires no prior mechanical knowledge.

Go further

With a 30 mile range on a full battery, you can explore more. Whether commuting or just riding for fun, less of the world is out of bounds.

Ride faster

Discover the exhilarating feeling of the air flowing past you, as you ride at a safe but exciting pace. The X-Ride gives you assistance up to 15 mph, meaning going faster has never been easier.

Safer cycling

A smoother ride, no gear shifting and less wobbling about on hills makes an Aerobike a much more road friendly option. Work with the roads, not against them.

Made smarter

Heavy duty aerograde aluminum, bespoke battery and motor design, with an inbuilt computer; everything about an Aerobike is designed to give you all the help you need, and to last.