Aerotek Series X2 40v Lithium ION Battery

Aerotek Series X2 40v Lithium ION Battery

JUST £89.99


About the Aerotek 40v Lithium ION Battery

No cords, no petrol, no fuss. That is the Aerotek way, and if it were to be summed up by one thing, it is this rather clever battery. Not only does it power the flagship Aerotek Cordless Lawnmower, but it can also be used in any compatible Aerotek product.

Charged in 3 hours, it is able to give you plenty of running time so you can mow, trim, cut and saw your way through those gardening chores. To use, simply slot into the Aerotek garden product of your choice, and if need be, ensure the safety key is inserted too. Then, use your machine as usual! One battery, loads of tools: no fuss. Aerotek lithium ion battery charger sold separately.

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