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About the X-Ride & X-Ride ST

Enjoy cycling and get ready to explore

Enjoy cycling and get ready to explore.

It's the cycling you know, but with a hidden helping hand you'll come to love. Torque sensors and an advanced computer work together to analyse your pedal power, and when you're really pedalling hard, the eBike pushes harder. How does it push harder? Well that's the clever bit.

When the computer thinks you need help, it tells the motor, housed in the front wheel, to kick in. This means you can get up hills easier, go further and get a boost up to 15mph. If you want to pedal faster, to go even quicker, you can do that too.

To make sure you're always pedalling comfortably, we've fitted both our men's and women's electric bikes with a SRAMĀ® Automatix gear changing system. This clever device knows when you need to change gear, and does it for you, meaning safer, more efficient cycling.

The lithium-ion battery, cleverly located in the space where the water bottle holder would be, is fully charged in 3 hours, and when it's full, you'll get 30 miles of cycling. So you can make that commute, combat hills easily or just explore for many miles.

What's included as standard?

The Aerobike electric cycle of your choice, as well as the lithium ion battery, the charger, a 14 day trial period, our helpful manual and your standard 12 month warranty. The X-Ride and X-Ride ST eBikes are delivered almost ready to ride and setup requires no prior mechanical knowledge.


Frame size 20 inch (50.8 cm)

Frame material Aluminium

Weight (exc battery) 16kg

Brakes Tektro Linear Pull

Wheel size 28 inch (71.12 cm)

Tyre type Hybrid

Motor 250W

Shifter SRAM Automatix System

Range 30 miles (48.28 km)

Charging time 3 hours

Battery Lithium-ion

Voltage 36V

Amp hours 5.8Ah

Battery weight 1.3kg

,Featuring the X-Ride and X-Ride ST, eBikes made from aerograde aluminum, and featuring a whole host of features that you see more of the world, easily.


Please note, some assembly is required. Handlebars, the front wheel, the pedals and the saddle will all need attached to the bike. Full instructions included. For more information, see here.

14 Day Free Trial

You can have a 14-day freel trial with the Aerobike: 14-Day Free Trail

The Aerobike lithium ion battery weighs just 1.3kg. making it suitable to be carried on your journey, enabling you to swap batteries and ride even further. There are myriad varying factors that can impact on the quoted range of "up to 30 miles". These factors include, but are not limited to: the terrain, weather and gradient you travel on; the tyre pressure, condition of the chain and the seating position of the rider; the fitness, weight, height and strength of the rider; the number of stops/starts, the intensity of pedalling, the condition of the battery and the proper maintenance of the bike as a whole. If the rider is of a UK average weight and height, travelling on well maintained roads with no severe up or down sections, then a range of at least 20 miles can be achieved from a single charge, by a rider of most finesses. As the fitness of the rider increases, a 30 miles range will become more and more attainable, though the aforementioned still applies. Therefore, if a rider undertakes a journey on roads that are steep, or in adverse weather such as high winds, the range may be reduced