Mudguard Pack

Mudguard Pack


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About the Mudguard

The Aerobike electric bike lets you explore more, so do it cleanly with these easy to fit SKS mudguards. Made from highly durable, weatherproof materials, they're perfect for fending off mud splashes, water from puddles and everyday bits you'd find on the pavement.

Supplied as a pair to be placed on the front and back of both the Aerobike men's and ladies' eBikes, with all fittings included as standard.

The Aerobike lithium ion battery weighs just 1.3kg. making it suitable to be carried on your journey, enabling you to swap batteries and ride even further. There are myriad varying factors that can impact on the quoted range of "up to 30 miles". These factors include, but are not limited to: the terrain, weather and gradient you travel on; the tyre pressure, condition of the chain and the seating position of the rider; the fitness, weight, height and strength of the rider; the number of stops/starts, the intensity of pedalling, the condition of the battery and the proper maintenance of the bike as a whole. If the rider is of a UK average weight and height, travelling on well maintained roads with no severe up or down sections, then a range of at least 20 miles can be achieved from a single charge, by a rider of most finesses. As the fitness of the rider increases, a 30 miles range will become more and more attainable, though the aforementioned still applies. Therefore, if a rider undertakes a journey on roads that are steep, or in adverse weather such as high winds, the range may be reduced