About AeroTek

Aerotek was created to help people lead hassle free lives.

It all began when members of the highly successful BVG Group decided they wanted to realise their passion of creating truly useful products.

First, the Aerobike was created. With a passion for cycling and the outdoors, the team wanted to commute to work, but sometimes felt they needed a helping hand. From this desire, the Aerobike was created.

From here, Aerotek really grew, with a collection of gardening products being developed, with the Aerotek Cordless Lawnmower the marquee tool that could really change the way people look after their lawn.

All our staff are based in the UK, are highly trained and are able to help you with any query.

With drive and knowhow, combined with BVG Group's ethos of creating highly affordable products, Aerotek not only create fantastic quality products, but also offer true value for money.

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