14 Day Trial

14 day trial

If you decide to return your Aerobike electric bike within the first 14 days of you receiving it, you can call on 0781 911 7024 to organise collection, return, and a refund.

In order for your refund to be processed, an order number will be required, and we need to speak to you to find out why the product wasn't for you.

We will also need all original packaging in order to process your return and refund. In the event that we don't have original packaging, we may not be able to process the 14 day trial period return and refund.

The bike should be returned with no damage, and only the same wear you would expect of a bike of 14 days old.

We reserve the right to reject a return and/or refund at our discretion.

In all instances you will need to call to activate the 14 day trial return process.